Our wedding party

Bride's Party

Brenda and Butch Brewer - Parents of the Bride
Hands down, I do have the coolest parents around.  My Butchie and mama-son! What can I say.  They love their family and there isn't anything they wouldn't do for us.  My mom has such a sweet temperament.  For those who do not know my mother - watch an episode of Leave it to Beaver and play close attention to June Cleaver.  She will welcome you as part of the family from the first time you meet her.  If you are looking for my mother during the recpetion, she can be found dancing on the floor to My Humps!

And then there is Butchie! He still acts and thinks he is still in his twenties.  He is the most fun, loyal, hardworking persons I know.  He will always be my daddy.  He has loved me unconditionally and supported me through the years.  When Ben asked permission, he had to make sure to mention to take care of his baby.  My daddy enjoys fishing, boating and protecting and ensuring safety to the town of Montross where he is a celebrity.

Teresa Angelo - Maid of Honor

Teresa , AKA PooPoo, is the oldest sibling.  She is the backbone of the family. She is one tough cookie with a heart of gold.  She is beautiful, funny, smart and the best mommy.  She lives in Stafford with her hubby Victor (AKA Pee Pee).

Todd Brewer - Dude of Honor

Todd is Tara's twin brother.  Once he is your friend, you have a friend for life.  He is one of the funniest persons you will ever meet.  Todd was once the baseball star back in the day.  He enjoys golfing and spending time with this beautiful wife (and coolest sister-in-law), Natalie.  When he is not golfing, Todd can be found playing his X-box Tiger Woods.  He currently resides in Manassas, VA. 

Brooklyn Angelo - Flowergirl

Brooklyn is the cutest baby in the world.  She is the first grandchild of the family.  My sister's first child and she is my pride and joy.  It's amazing how you can love someone so much by simply laying eyes on her.  Her cute little smile and big brown eyes melt my heart every time I look at her.

Groom's Party

Jane and Wayne Lehrman - Parents of the Groom

  My parents mean a lot to me and are a big contributing factor of who I am today.  My mother is a very loving mom and a great grandmother (aka Nana). She always has time to help me out and a way of finding the silver lining for every dark cloud. My father has an avid love for fishing and talking about money. Two of my favorite past times as well. If he's not at home, you can probably catch him tossing in a line at some local fishing hole.

Jason Lehrman - Bestman

Jason is Ben's older brother. Jason lives in North Carolina and spends much of his "Off time" relaxing at the beach.  I'm sure he's hoping he get's to wear flip flops with his tux but unfortunately he will have to suffer by wearing shoes during the ceremony. So please do not step on Jason's toes at the receptions because I'm sure he will be quick to slip on his beach attire as soon as possible.

Randy Roberts - Groomsman

Randy has been Ben's friend since the 5th grade. Long time friends who have helped keep each other out of trouble. Randy has a lovely wife named Misty and 3 beautiful little girls named Ryan, Anna, and Becca. Due to the increase amounts of estrogen in Randy's life, Ben tries to go golfing and eat Hooter's wing with Randy as much as possible.

Kristan Alexander - Groomsman

Kris has been Ben and Randy's friend since the turn of the century. Kris has helped contribute to helping them find ways of getting in trouble but always managed to do so with a sense of style unique to Kris. If you are looking for a good time at the reception or immediately afterwards, be sure to hang out with Kris!

Tara's attendants
  • Teresa Angelo, Maid Of Honor
    Tara's Sister and PooPoo!
  • Brooklyn Angelo, Flower Girl
    Tara's niece
  • Todd Brewer, Usher
    (aka Dude of Honor)
  • Brenda Brewer, Other
    Mother of the Bride
  • Butch Brewer, Other
    Father of the Bride
Benjamin's attendants
  • Jason Lehrman, Best Man
    Ben's Brother
  • Randy Roberts, Groomsman
    Long time friend of Ben's and avid stretcher of truth when golfing.
  • Kristan Alexander, Groomsman
    Ben's partner in crime for many years.
  • Aidin Lehrman, Ring Bearer
    Ben's son and a notorious ladies man!
  • Ryan, Anna, & Becca Roberts, Flower Girl
    Randy's Daughters and soon to be the first official Princesses of the United States.
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